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Adoption Process and Policies


Here are the STEPS in our ADOPTION PROCESS for bringing home an Australian Labradoodle of your own:

FILLING OUT THE APPLICATION: If you are interested in our puppies available or being placed on our wait list for future litters, PLEASE COMPLETE OUR ADOPTION APPLICATION. ONCE WE RECEIVE IT WE WILL CONTACT YOU WITHIN 24-48 HOURS BY EMAIL to let you know if you are approved.  

YOU ARE APPROVED, NOW WHAT?  Upon acceptance of your application we will contact you. Once your $500.non refundable reservation deposit is received you will be placed on our Waitlist.  Your deposit can be made by PayPal-see button below (with an additional $15 PayPal fee). Final remaining payment ($3250 plus tax  less $500 initial deposit) is DUE when puppies are 4 weeks old.  Bearcreek Labradoodles reserves the right to release your spot on the reservations list to another buyer if payment is not received on time.

After your final payment is received, you enter into a binding agreement with Bearcreek Labradoodles. This contract will explain in detail, the arrangement made between seller and buyer and will form protections for all involved including the puppy.

Final payment is accepted in the form of Direct Deposit to Bank of America (I will provide instructions)
Our puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. We will provide you with your new pet’s complete health records (including vaccines received) which you will need to take to your initial wellness visit within 3 days of coming home.



We will do everything within our power to breed a healthy litter of Australian Labradoodle puppies.  We guarantee that your puppy will be in good health at the time of purchase and pick up.  We will keep him/her until 8 weeks of age and provide veterinary exams and the first set of vaccinations.  Within 3 days of receiving your puppy, please acquaint him/her with your own family veterinarian.  


Our breeding dogs will have been health tested for the following:
•    Hips: Wallace and/or OFA
•    Elbows: OFA
•    Eyes: CERF exam and PRA clear, either by test or parentage
•    Cardiac auscultation
•    Genetic/DNA tests, tailored to the individual dog

Each of our puppies will go home with the following:

      A two-year health warranty for serious, congenital and life altering genetic disorders
•    First puppy vaccinations and de-worming,
•    Checkup from our trusted veterinarian
•    A bag of puppy food
•    Toy
•    Blanket with mama's scent
•    Collar
•    Leash
•    Health record
•    Their microchip record 
•    Eight weeks of gentle loving care inside our home, including exposure to the sounds and socialization of everyday life. 

During your puppy's time with our family, we will:
•    Introduce him to the many sights and sounds he will hear in your home and during travel
•    Give him opportunities to be curious and explore in tunnels, boxes, and with balls and various toys
•    Introduce him to adults and children
•    Coach him regarding appropriate play with humans
•    Introduce him to crate training 


Puppy Visitation Policy

The only way puppies receive immunity to diseases and bacteria is through mother’s milk. Puppies can easily contract diseases and infections prior to vaccinations.  Therefore, for the safety and health of our puppies, we do not let anyone come to see puppies until they have had their first vaccination.
Also, for the health and safety of our pets and yours, we do not allow anyone to bring their pets to “visit” or meet a potential new “family member.” After pups reach 7.5 weeks old, they will have received their first vaccination. We are happy to update our families on our adoption list with pictures of the puppies growing along the way!


Puppy Allocation Process


Australian Labradoodle puppies must mature to seven to eight weeks old to be allocated… Most important is that the Puppy get their ideal family and you get the puppy with the ideal personality, energy etc.   We allocate puppies to families based on a combination of factors including preferences stated on your application, with personality and temperament fit taking priority. We look at your family situation and lifestyle to make the best possible fit for you.  COLOR SHOULD NEVER BE THE FIRST PRIORITY IN SELECTING THE BEST FIT FOR YOUR FAMILY.  We ask for your trust that we will make the best decision for you based on the time we spend socializing, caring for and getting to really know your future puppy. Breeder reserves the right to hold back any pups for breeding program at any time. 


PayPal is only accepted for puppy deposit and adds a 3% fee.

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