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We are located in Woodinville Washington, 20 minutes east of Seattle,  in a fantastic neighborhood complete with wooded areas and hiking trails.  A perfect place to raise both our furry and human babies!   Our family consists of four outstanding kiddos.   Our oldest son is a sophomore in college but comes home often for puppy snuggles.  We have two high school age boys that keep our pups active  with fetching balls and playing chase on the average PNW day here in Washington.  Phoebe and Meg  double as a great pillows during their gaming and binge watching sessions. Our youngest is in elementary and enjoys playing hide and seek with our fluff balls.   Phoebe is a superb seeker and  cannot be fooled by any new hideouts!  Meg is our resident furry toddler and  keeps us continually laughing.   We fell in love with the Australian labradoodle breed because of their fantastic disposition.  Australian Labradoodles are consistently wonderful family dogs ranging from calm to active, from dependent to independent, from motivated to lazy, yet they all have their cuddling times, and they are all incredibly smart and learn quickly. Not to mention they are adorable and quite irresistible.

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